Self Service Hotel Check In & Check Out KIOSK
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Self Service Hotel Check In & Check Out KIOSK

This hotel check in & check out kiosk provides convenient and easy check in & check out work for all travels in hotels or rented apartment.

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This hotel check in & check out kiosk model comes with elegant curves and rugged enclosure, which is fully designed and produced by KMY. Travelers can do check in easily on this kiosks with their ID card, or passport when they arrive at hotels/apartments, the room card can be dispensed after finishing register. While,  travelers can do check out on this kiosk when they leave the hotels/apartments, the room card will be taken back, travelers can make payment with cash or credit/debit card for the room, will give change with cash/coin if necessary. A receipt shall be printed as requests. 

For kiosk safety, the alarm system and webcam can be included; the kiosk cabinet is also rugged enough to be anti-vandalism.

Application area:

This kiosks can be applied in hotels and rented apartments.


Working Environment:

In door or half outdoor.

Hotel or rented apartment self check in & check out kiosks now is becoming more and more popular in the world, travelers are no need to worry if they are late with the receptionist for the agreed time due to the flight delay or other accidents, and then no people can receive them to do the check in to get the room card, especially some rented apartment receptionist are not living in the apartment and does not come to the apartment soon, travelers can do the check in & check out by themselves on this kiosks.


Basic Configuration

Industrial PC : supporting Intel i3 or above, upgrade upon requests 

Industrial touch display/Monitor:  10.4’’, 15’’ 17’’ or above, Antivanalism

Touch screen:  capacitive, SAW or infrared touch, 15’’, 17’’, 19’’ or above.

Card Reader:  EMV certified motorized magnetic, IC, RFID card reader, all-in-one card reader

PIN pad:  PCI certified encryption pin pad, with anti-peep cover

Receipt Printer: thermal receipt printer or dot matrix invoice printer, 80mm paper width, auto cut, paper low sensor.

Bill acceptor: 98% cash accetpatance rate; Cash payment is can validate and accept USD, EURO, and all clients’domestic currency

Bill Dispenser: with cash trays to store and dispense cash in different denominations, contain safe locks

Coin Dispenser:  with hoppers to store and dispense coins

ID/Passport reader:  able to read ID card and passport

Card dispenser: issue the room cards

OEM logo or light box

Color optional—Powder coated finish


Other optional components:

Coin acceptor,

RFID card reader,

POS terminal,

Fingerprint Scanner,

Metal Keyboard,




Signature Pad,

CCTV Systems,

Wireless Modems (GSM/GRMS), etc.


Mass Production

As one of the hot-sale kiosk models, KMY produced thousands units this hotel check in & check out kiosk every year, the quality and function have been well tested by different markets, clients’ feedback are positive.

KMY have clients from over 150 countries in the world, every year, we mass produced thousands payment kiosks, ticketing kiosks, postal kiosks, etc. The quality of KMY kiosks have been well tested by different markets.





Packing and Delivery

Secure packing method: bubble wrap + customized crate

Delivery: Sea/air/train transport, or express services like DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS



To cater to the world market, KMY products are certified by CE, FCC, RoHS, waterproof IP65, anti-vandalism IK07, etc.



Every year, we would attend exhibitions as exhibitor in different countries, like CEBIT in Germany, CES in USA, DIFC in UAE.



1. Is every kiosk customized ?

Yes, we customize every kiosk based on clients' application and specification requirements, ODM or OEM.

2. Does KMY provide kiosk software ?
Since KMY is a manufacturer, offer complete hardware solution and related SDK, not providing kiosk software, note please.

3. What's the delivery time for sample and bulk order?

For sample, we need to customize, and delivery time is 30-45 working days;
For bulk order, delivery time is based on actual order quantity.

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